Some useful links for young economists

Structure and characteristics of academic articles 

Indexes of Economics Journals


List of Predatory Publishers by Jeffrey Beall (avoid these publishers and journals!!!)

Get your article published (some suggetions from editors)

Replicability of economic studies

JEL Codes

What if my paper is rejected

Time to first response in economics journals

An interesting paper about the productivity of new graduates from top North American universities in top journals


(Almost) free pages to detect plagiarism (article in Spanish)

Journal Title Abbreviations (Web of Science)

Reasons for rejecting a paper (by a journal editor)

An interesting paper on how teaching quality of researchers is higher than nonresearchers

Tips on how to write an academic peer review

Choosing the right journal

Tips to increase citations


Criteria each author of a paper should meet (ethics of authorship)


Some JEP Articles Recommended for Classroom Use